The development of our new [S]3 Digital Storytelling Film Camp was sparked by the OVERWHELMING response to the [S]3 digital film contest.

A simple concept—provide a platform to showcase middle and high school filmmakers. Prompt students to create a digital “super short.” Launch contest & website almost overnight. (Thanks to Noble Mouse.) Watch submissions. Celebrate winners at SCAD’s Savannah Film Festival with screening before a live audience—cash money courtesy of our good friends at Volvo Cars Savannah(Did we mention a hurricane named Matthew arrived in the middle of all of this?) Thankfully, we survived the unprecedented storm and volume of submissions—323 total from 42 countries. The youngest filmmaker? A 9-year-old girl from Canada!

This, we realized, was the start of something BIG.

Energized and full of ideas, we found ourselves at the red hot intersection of young people seeking YouTube stardom—parental anxiety over the over-consumption of digital content—and a local community poised to grow and deepen a robust filmmaking ecosystem.

That’s when we started thinking about the intrinsic value of a story, as well as how story provides the narrative glue and accelerator for all good ideas.

We recognized children today are true digital natives, often more fluent in that language than the adults in their lives. We learned that some schools teach digital storytelling or film production. Most do not.

We started thinking about new developments in education like STEM—Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.  Add in “ART” and it becomes—STEAM. Bring in “RESEARCH” and we have STREAM.

Now, what if we connect and accelerate all these components together in a narrative to inspire, inform, entertain and enhance our world?  That’s STORY.  If we add “STORY,” the acronym becomes STREAMS. Or, as one young man suggested—”STREAMS of Knowledge.”  We like that.

Whether we call it STEM, STEAM or STREAMS—people seem to understand that STORY provides a new way of thinking about what is needed to be successful in an uncertain, exciting future.

This BIG IDEA attracted A LOT of support and interest.

Developed collaboratively with industry professionals, certified teachers, parents and those who helped make the [S]3 film contest an AWESOME success story to begin with—we are excited to share our unique [S]3 Digital Storytelling Film Camp program with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our backstory. We look forward to meeting you this summer and your help in growing this BIG IDEA!

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