Digital storytelling creates opportunities to develop essential 21st Century Success Skills: Curiosity, Collaboration, Creative Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Communication & Confidence! These skills provide the underlying conditions that enable INNOVATION.

Story is as intrinsically valuable to the human condition as scientific discovery.  Both are enhanced when we communicate through a shared language. The language of digital storytelling combines images and sounds to generate powerful emotions that entertain, inform, inspire and enhance our lives. It is a universal language.

Some say stories make us human. But what if our capacity to conceive and share stories with others enabled us to become human in the first place? We are not mathematicians, engineers, scientists, OR artists. We are ALL this and more through the shared DNA of storytelling.

The [S]3 Digital Storytelling Community believes our actions and mindset should reflect this new idea. Our programs challenge young people to think, create, and share compelling ideas and stories in their native digital language to grow the next generation of INNOVATORS.

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